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There is no denying that the words "engagement" and "social media engagement" are probably the most over-hyped terms on the internet today.

I want this post to help refocus your understanding of what motivates your customers to buy - FROM YOU.

Engagement is important, we all know that; BUT an emotional connection is critical to your marketing.

Behind The Screen

It's easy to forget sometimes in this technology driven society that behind every tweet, comment and click through is a REAL person.

Your aim when marketing your business online should always be to tap into their emotional psyche and offer them a solution that either delivers pleasure or helps take away their pain.

If this seems too conceptual to you, let's explore a real life example.

In Practice

Recently I started working with a law firm that specialises in divorce. They were heavily invested in pursuing clients online; committing resources in the shape of time, money and energy.

Despite their best efforts, they had been experiencing frustration with poor conversion rates. This had reached such a point that they had almost lost all faith in marketing online.

They had implemented a social media policy, invested in pay per click and search engine optimisation but had seen minimal ROI.

It was clear to me however, that all was not lost.

With a seismic shift in the use of language on their website and general online activities, they were now reaching their potential clients on an emotional level.

In place of the corporate and technical jargon they had previously been using, they were now demonstrating:

A knowledge of what their potential clients wanted

An ability to empathise with them

The fact is that people who are divorcing often feel vulnerable and scared. They are easily intimidated and usually approach a lawyer in the first instance from a place of FEAR. They seek reassurance that everything will be OK and they won't lose their house, kids and life savings etc.

RESULT= 400% increase in conversions

Beyond Features and Benefits

Emotional selling supercedes the selling of features and benefits.

Emotional selling keeps visitors on your site longer.

Emotional selling inspires trust and leads to CONVERSIONS ($$££):).

When you truly understand what motivates people to take action, you will then to be able to deliver the appropriate message through the appropriate channel every time.

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