Convert Your Twitter
Followers To Email

I have liked Twitter for precisely 3 years and 11 days, but have loved email marketing for over 10.

The reason my love affair with email marketing runs so deep is simple; it consistently provides me with a steady and reliable flow of clicks, conversions and CASH.

In case the explanation above isn’t powerful enough, the rest of this post will highlight the main reasons why you MUST commit yourself to growing and cultivating your email list.

To put it simply; all eggs in one basket = potential disaster. You will note that I reference Twitter throughout this post. Do not be misled! This is my preferred social platform but the same applies to your mega popular facebook page, LinkedIn profile, Google+ circles yadda yadda, catch the drift?

So why is neglecting to convert your faithful followers into email subscribers a risk?

Well… Pause for a moment to consider this scary concept….

What would you do if your Twitter account was suspended or deleted?

Got you thinking now… right?

Now consider these facts:

Why You Need To Convert Followers To Subscribers

As more advertising is rolled out your message will undoubtedly get hijacked by your competitors.

You have no equity in someone else's platform. Your email list is your hard currency.

Waking up and finding out all your invested blood, sweat and tears developing your social media presence has been in vain - account has been compromised, terms of service has changed, vanished without trace etc

Shiny object syndrome (aka spreading your time too thinly over various social media platforms).

Email Marketing To The Rescue

Now you have seen the risks, let me show you how you can insure yourself against these:

Your email will sit in their inbox until its read or deleted. Your message is less likely to get lost in the noise of your recipients Twitter stream.

Thankfully people guard their email addresses like highly trained ninja's. A new subscriber has taken the conscious decision to allow you in their inner circle. You now share their inbox with trusted businesses, work colleagues, friends and family members.

A majority of your web site visitors won't purchase your product or service the first time. Capturing your potential new clients email address will give you the ability to forge further trust and authority.

Low cost, efficient (easily test subject lines, links and content to maximize ROI) and measurable (click-through, open-rate, unsubscribe and sales).

Email is an amazing 57% more effective (kerching) for lead generation than social media.

How To Get More Email Subscribers

Start with actually putting an email opt-in form on your pages (always helps:). I use Aweber as it's super easy to embed, customise and use.

Produce great content. This way people will clamber to get on your list.

Offer a great incentive (downloadable report, special pricing etc) for subscribing. The incentive must have some REAL value.

The promise of future EXCLUSIVE subscriber only content.

A friendly nudge or prompt (this is mine: i have some free email list building training to follow shortly ;);))

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